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Why Pros are Buying the iPad Pro



The iPad Pro was announced and unveiled earlier this month and will release in November. Here’s why pros are buying the new iPad Pro when it eventually comes out.

The iPad Pro is Apple’s latest addition to the iPad lineup, and while it largely looks like a normal iPad, the biggest difference is that it sports a big 12.9-inch display, compared to the 9.7-inch screen of the iPad Air 2.

The new tablet features the fastest processor that Apple has ever put into an iPad, sporting the company’s new A9X processor with 4GB of memory to boot. It also has special display technology that pairs with Apple’s new stylus for a realistic drawing and writing experience on the larger screen.

While there are many reasons why most consumers don’t really need an iPad Pro, there are also many other reasons why professionals would benefit from using such a tablet, especially since Apple seems to be targeting these kinds of users with the iPad Pro.


We asked a couples of professionals why they’re buying the iPad Pro and how the new tablet will benefit them in their line of work.

The one feature that Apple is counting on with the iPad Pro is its powerful performance mixed with a portable design that’s perhaps more portable than lugging around a laptop. Granted, the iPad Pro will still run iOS just like any other iPad, but with the app setup, the new tablet could prove useful in the business world.

iPad Pro Multitasking

Rocky Finseth, who is a small business owner of a government affairs firm called Carrara Nevada based in Las Vegas, says he plans to try out the iPad Pro and maybe even move to it full-time. It’s more portable than a laptop, but the 12.9-inch display keeps the same screen real estate:

“As someone who travels an awful lot, I am constantly looking for something more mobile and versatile. Several years ago, I moved from the 15-inch Macbook Pro to the 13-inch Macbook Pro and the difference in weight and performance was stunning to say the least. Now, I am looking to make that same jump from my 13-inch Macbook Pro to the iPad Pro. I am making the jump for the convenience — it appears to be less bulky than my laptop.”

Essentially, Finseth is counting on the iPad Pro to basically be a laptop replacement for him, gaining even more portability, but also keeping the same performance as his MacBook Pro. We’re not sure what the performance differences are there, as we’ll have to wait for benchmarks and other tests, but it’ll certainly be interesting to see how this transition goes.


Nick Espinosa, who is the Chief Information Officer at BSSi2 (an IT consulting firm), says that graphic designers and field service technicians alike will be able to benefit greatly by using the iPad Pro:

“Graphic designers are interested because of the Apple Pencil and, while it’s not a Wacom Cintiq, it does fill a gap in need in that it’s lighter and more portable than the Windows or Android-based Cintiq Companion. It will not have the pressure sensitivity Wacom is known for, and the Pencil takes batteries (Wacom stylus does not) but to be able to quickly pull out an “Instant On” mobile OS and sketch out concepts will be very beneficial to designers.”

Furthermore, Espinosa says that BSSi2 has several clients that have field service technicians who “use iPads to tie back into the office’s central database and update service tickets and notes.” The iPad Pro could provide a better experience for these technicians than what they’re currently rolling with.

iPad Pro Performance

The iPad Pro will release at some point in November with prices starting at $799 for the WiFi-only 32GB model. Buyers will also be able to grab a 128GB version for $949, with an LTE-equipped 128GB model ringing in at $1,079.

That’s certainly not cheap by any means, and that’s enough money to buy an entry-level MacBook Air, but the iPad Pro has the portability that the MacBook Air doesn’t quite have, and we think that many professionals are going with the iPad Pro for that very reason.


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