Why This is the Worst Time to Buy the iPad 2
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Why This is the Worst Time to Buy the iPad 2



The iPad 2 is almost a year old, but for many consumers it is still the best tablet out there, and a worthy choice even with the iPad 3 release date bearing down on us.

Need proof? Apple sold 15.4 million iPads last quarter, and has probably sold millions more since the start of 2012.

If you don’t need the latest technology, or buy refurbished gadgets, you might even be tempted to buy the iPad 2 today, but you shouldn’t even think about buying an iPad until March.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the iPad 2, but as soon as Apple announces the iPad 3 and the iPad 3 release date the price of the iPad 2 will drop faster than the Apple that hit Newton’s head.

iPad 2 Price Drop MarchAt the very least you’ll see the price of the iPad 2 drop $100 per model for new devices, and we’ll probably see the refurbished iPads drop from $419 for the 16GB WiFi Model to $350 or even $299.

Think a $300 iPad 2 is out the question? That’s the current asking price for a refurbished iPad WiFi 16GB from Apple, though the company is now out of stock.

if you want to buy a used iPad 2 from eBay or from a friend, you will see even lower prices. With the current Gazelle payment for a 16GB iPad 2 at $260, You can expect to find used iPad 2s in the $200 to $300 price range.

it is tough to wait for a new gadget, especially one that has been out for a year, but there’s really no worse time to by an iPad or iPad 2. Within a few weeks the iPad 3 may be released, which will drive the price of all other iPads down, saving you $100 or more on any iPad model you choose to buy.



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