Why You Should Keep Your iPhone 5s for Another Year
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Why You Should Keep Your iPhone 5s for Another Year



Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 6s next week during an event, and many users will be looking to upgrade to the new device once it releases, but here’s why you should keep your iPhone 5s for at least another year.

Those who bought the iPhone 5s on release date are coming up on the end of their two-year contract, meaning they’ll be eligible for an upgrade to a new device. Obviously, that new device will probably be the iPhone 6s if you’re set on sticking with an iPhone.

The new handset is rumored to come with the same overall design and look as the iPhone 6, but will come with a handful of new features, including a Force Touch display just like on the Apple Watch, where users will be able to do a ton of cool things on iOS 9, as the screen will be pressure sensitive in a way.

Furthermore, the iPhone 6s is expected to be faster than any other iPhone, coming with Apple’s new A9 processor over the iPhone 6’s A8 chip. Exact performance increases aren’t known yet, but we’re sure Apple will cover that in detail during its event next week.

In any case, if you have an iPhone 5s and are thinking about upgrading to the iPhone 6s, here’s why you should keep your iPhone 5s for at least another year.

It Still Works

Let’s be honest. Your iPhone 5s still works, and it probably does the job for you just fine. It’s still speedy, it still takes great photos, it still can play all of your favorite games. And yet, Apple does a really good job of convincing users to upgrade.


Take a step back and think about a universe where the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s don’t even exist. Simply just imagine that the iPhone 5s is still the latest iPhone available.

Now ask yourself if your iPhone 5s needs replaced. It might have a cracked screen or a button is a little wonky, but if everything still works fine, would it need replaced? Probably not, right?

However, in the real world there are now better iPhones available, and our minds can’t help but crave for the latest and greatest devices, but do your best to resist that urge and you’ll quickly discover that your iPhone 5s works just fine.

You Might Prefer a Smaller Screen

You may not realize it now with your iPhone 5s, but if you upgrade to the iPhone 6s or even just the iPhone 6, you might miss that smaller screen.


A bigger screen is mighty tempting. It would be better for watching movies and playing games, as well as just fitting more information onto the screen, but when it comes to navigating through iOS, your thumb might get quite a workout, especially if you have smaller hands.

Apple even introduced a feature for the iPhone 6 to mitigate this exact problem. Reachability allows you to double-tap the home button to slide down the screen so that you can reach the top row of apps. It’s a clever feature, but it’s one that Apple knew that it would have to include because some users just can’t quite reach the top part of the display.

I do miss the iPhone 5s due to the smaller screen. I have small hands myself and being able to easily reach every part of the display was really nice. I can’t quite do that with my iPhone 6.

You’re a Casual User

If you’re just a casual user that doesn’t use your iPhone for work or anything intensive, the iPhone 5s probably works great for you.


A lot of heavy users, will play games, watch movies, listen to music, take a lot of photos, etc., but if you have an iPhone just to have a phone to make calls and send text messages, the iPhone 5s is more than enough to conquer that.

Most casual users who have an iPhone 5s don’t need to upgrade to the iPhone 6s, unless you have the money to blow. If you have the cash lying around to spend, I see no reason not to upgrade to the iPhone 6s, but if you have an allowance that you’re not sure what to spend it on from the list of stuff that you want to buy, perhaps an iPhone upgrade doesn’t need to too high up on that list.



  1. TechSHIZZLE.com

    09/03/2015 at 8:31 am

    Really? Maybe no one should upgrade ever.

    Here’s the actual post: “If you don’t care for the new features introduced in the 6 or the upcoming 6s, then keep what you have.”

  2. David H

    09/05/2015 at 8:26 am

    Some proof that the iPhone 5s — which I have — is still a relevant and strong device is that Apple is likely to continue offering it. I think the advice you gave — imagine a world in which the 5s is still the flagship phone — is excellent. The tension in the human mind is between adequate, and better. The former is sense; the latter is lust, and Apple is, as you say, exceedingly good at inspiring lust. I love my iPhone 5s — the size, the speed, the convenience — and I myself will not switch until there is a substantial upgrade at this size. (The rumored 6c is supposedly just a 6 resized, and I wasn’t much tempted by the 6, so I will wait until there is a 7c or s or some such.)

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