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Wicked Audio Solus DJ Headphones Review



My new Wicked Audio Solus DJ Headphones play music with amazingly ear-bleeding volumes that sounds good too and offers both Stereo and Mono sound, supposedly to give listeners a DJ mode as they listen to just one side like DJ. They look good too.

I mostly listen to spoken word, from audio books to podcasts, but when I fire up some tunes, I prefer a nice pair of cans to ear buds any day. I look for three things, comfort, sound quality, and durability. In short the Wicked Audio Solus DJ Headphones matched my expectations on all three fronts.

Wicked Audio Solus DJ Headphones Offer Heavenly Sound

I’m not what musical snobs call an audiophile, meaning I’m not incredibly picky about the sound quality of my speakers and headphones. However, I do know what I like and I like these headphones for sound quality. They’re crisp and clear with good high-end and low-end sound. I noticed no tinny sound or any distortion even at high decibel levels.

Wicked Audio Solus DJ Headphones

The volume of these cans will blow you away. I cranked my music source to max and turned down the built-in volume dial that sits about a third of the way down the cord. I proceeded to increase the volume slowly from totally silent to about 70% when the music volume began to feel uncomfortable. My 18-year-old turned them up to about 90. He loves super loud music. The Wicked Audio Solus DJ Headphones are amazingly loud! Yet, they don’t lose their sound quality, even pumped to the highest levels.

At about 50% everyone else will enjoy your music too since the headphones don’t exactly keep the sound private. I listened to them at or below half volume both for comfort and the consideration of those around me. At that level I enjoyed using them.

In stereo mode, the headphones give distinct separation on audio that takes full advantage of stereo.


I’m a big guy with a big head. I need headphones with a big band to fit over my ears. The Wicked Audio Solus DJ Headphones barely fit, if I nudge the band towards the back of my skull a bit.

The large rubber-covered foam cups cover just my ears. They band holds them in place tightly without discomfort. I could sit and listen for a long time without a problem. They do get warm and I’m warm natured, so I had to wipe some sweat off as I listened right after doing some work around the house.

Build Quality

I like the cord housed in a braided red nylon. It won’t tangle. The cans swivel in their housing so the user can hold just one side over the ear to listen like a DJ. Flip the switch on the volume control to MO so all the sound gets piped to that one side. Flip it to ST for Stereo.

If someone needs an inexpensive set of headphones for amateur DJ gigs at a party at home or the dorm at school, this set will work well.

It’s hard to judge build quality when using a set of headphones for just a few weeks, but they should hold up. They don’t feel cheap or flimsy at all, and shouldn’t with a retail price of $125.


Some people wear headphones as a fashion accessory. I’m not one, but I think they give the listener an attractive pair of headphones. Some nice red accents on the red cord and plug, red lining under the band and white Wicked Audio logo make them attractive to people who enjoy some flare. Those with wild tastes, like my son, will call them understated. I’m more conservative, so I think they’re a bit flamboyant for my tastes.

Those looking for a pair of cool headphones that offer good sound quality and incredible volume, check out these Wicked Audio Solus DJ Headphones. I’d rank them a step above the budget quality that users can find at their local department store, but they won’t compete with high-end consumer or professional cans costing in the hundreds That’s about right for $55-$75 (street) headphones but the retail price of $125 feels too high.

The Wicked Audio Solus DJ Headphones are $55 at Amazon. You won’t find them at Wicked Audio, since they only sell them through 3rd-party sites.

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