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WildCharger Offically Announces



WildchargerThe WildCharger popped up on our radar recently and it looks like an interesting battery charging solution. You lay your mobile devices on the charging plate and they charge up. Simple? I’m guessing yes, if your device is on their radar. WildCharger has officially announced their first product and it is an adapter for the Motorola Razr phone and the second one in the loop is the iPod Nano. Apparently with the Razr you replace the back plate for charging purposes and their appears to be an add-on for the Nano.

I’m not sure how this is going to pan out, because in my opinion for this to be a successful solution you’ll need to charge all of your devices on the same plate. If they can ramp up and offer charging solutions for multiple devices it probably has a chance. Still, it is intriguing.

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