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Will Apple Unveil iPhoto for iPad at Today’s iPad 3 Event?



Apple may unveil iPhoto for the iPad today at the iPad event, to take advantage of the Retina Display on the iPad 3, or iPad HD, as well as a rumored upgraded camera.

iMovie and GarageBand are already available for iOS, so it makes sense that Apple would release the third iLife suite on the iPad, and give users a better way to organize photos, especially now that iCloud brings all your photos to your iPad.

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Over at Daring Fireball John Gruber has three reasons iPhoto for iPad will be announced today, which I summarize below:

  1. With the other two iLife apps already on the iPad, it makes sense to see iPhoto, as I said above. He called it a “glaring omission”.
  2. Gruber asks, “… what sort of things are keeping regular people from using an iPad as their main computer?” He says that organizing photos might be the most obvious.
  3. The new high-resolution Retina Display should make iPhoto a beautiful new app.

Iphoto might be coming to ipad

After reading this, I wondered why others haven’t thought of this sooner. It just makes perfect sense. Citing Neven Mrgan, Gruber explained that because Apple added a new app with each major new iOS hardware announcement, it is safe to assume Apple will add a major new app today. If they do, then what else would be a more obvious option than an iPhoto for iOS? I can’t think of one!

One more reason to think Apple will add iPhoto to their iOS offerings – a better quality camera. Another one – AirPrint expansion. Put the two together and you get iPhoto.

Ordinary people like to print photos they take. As they grab snapshots with a high-quality iPad camera they can do simple edits to make them look even better and then print them to their wireless printer. When AirPrint first surfaced only a handful of HP printers supported the technology, but that number has grown.

Even if Gruber, Mrgan and I are wrong, you can still do some nice photo editing on your iPad thanks to the list of great iOS photo apps we shared recently. I believe Apple will be adding one more today.

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