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Will DirecTV Nomad Stream Satellite TV to Mobile?



Look what DirecTV put up on their site. A “coming soon” page for a new product called DirecTV Nomad, which I assume will stream video from my DirecTV box to my mobile devices through the Internet.

In the picture we see what looks like a MacBook Pro, an iPad and an iPhone, although DirecTV might intend them to represent a generic laptop, tablet and smart phone. With various reports saying that Android makes up around half of new smart phones, let’s hope DirecTV is forward thinking enough to include the platform.

DirecTV Nomad

Recently we’ve seen the same kind of streaming mobile and web apps for other cable providers and DISH Network. This brings DirecTV up to date with the others. They already stream NFL games through their NFL Sunday Ticket To Go app, which costs an extra $50 to use. Expect Nomad to require either a set top box update or an additional device as well as another fee added onto your bill.

Via Engadget

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Joe Lopez

    12/20/2011 at 7:12 am

    The Nomad now offered by DirecTV, which is looking to stream
    to mobile devices. Looking deeper this is just an external hard drive that you
    can load content and take it with you. On the downside this will only hold up
    to 20 hours of content. After 30 days content is deleted on its own. The
    download process is real time, so it will take awhile to download. I’m not
    thrilled sitting, waiting for stuff to download. You can only use this with
    selected equipment which would limit usage. 
    I enjoy the easy usage of the Sling adapter from DISH connected to my
    employee service. I have a true TV everywhere solution.  This will allow stream live TV or pull off
    the DVR. This is compatible with all equipment on the market today. This works
    great at places like the airport where I have used mine to pass time waiting
    for a flight. My kids enjoy the fact that they don’t miss any shows traveling.
    I don’t know what I would do without my portable TV. My iPad has let me enjoy
    more TV than ever. As a new customer the Sling adapter is free.

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