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Will Google Android Extend Beyond Mobile Phones?



Android081508Lots of jumping up and down on the keyboards with excitement lately with the apparent (and I stress apparent) release of the first Google Android based phone coming soon. It looks like the HTC Dream (the supposed first phone featuring Android has passed the FCC hurdle, and that’s usually an early warning sign.

But over the weekend Venture Beat published an interesting piece speculating and surmising that Google most likely has plans for Android to be more than a mobile phone OS. On so many levels that only makes sense as the world becomes all about connecting to the Internet, and not just with computers. I can only imagine would the possibiliites could be if NetBooks are running something akin to Google’s Android. But, like I say, that is imagining because only a few actually know what it means.

I’m guessing this is going to be one of the battle lines between the big players over the next few years and it will be an interesting one to follow.

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