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Will Nokia Launch a Windows Phone or a MeeGo Phone on June 21st?



As part of the CommunicAsia 2011 event, Nokia will also be hosting its own Nokia Connection 2011 summit, which is described to be “Nokia’s biggest event of the year,” perhaps launching the summit as a new name for the historic Nokia World event. The June 21st event may be host to an unveiling of Nokia’s Windows Phone device(s) or even a MeeGo-powered N9/N950 smartphone.

On its Connection website, Nokia invites users to ‘join Nokia Connection 2011 to experience first-hand, the new Nokia ecosystem that will be introduced to the world.’ Company CEO Stephen Elop will also be giving a presentation at the event. According to the presentation schedule, he will be talking about the company’s strategy, its partnershup with Microsoft, and a focus on the South East Asia Pacific region.

Mr. Stephen Elop will provide an overview of Nokia’s new strategy, including an update on the company’s partnership with Microsoft, and the resulting new ecosystem and the importance of the South East Asia Pacific market in the new strategy. He will set the stage for a number of exciting Nokia product and service launches.

As the agenda seems to be more geared to Windows Phone, perhaps Nokia will leverage CommunicAsia and its Connection event to introduce the fruits of its labor and partnership with Microsoft.

As Nokia is also rumored to be releasing a MeeGo smartphone, dubbed the N9 or N950, to developers in the June timeframe, MeeGo fans are also hopeful that the event will also be the platform where Nokia will unveil its MeeGo phones.

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