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Will Recent Terror Incident Affect Your Mobile Tech Travel Plans?



The recent terror incident has brought down an entirely new set of safeguards for air travel with the media’s focus on liquids. But I keep hearing talking heads proclaiming that whatever explosives that were to be used were to be detonated with a “typical mobile device” like an iPod or a cellphone. There is no big change announced that I’m aware of at the moment regarding mobile devices taken on a plane, but I did see this article from Mike Wendland saying that iPods are not allowed on flights to England and I believe at the moment the restriction on any carry-on luggage is still in effect from England to the USA.

This post isn’t intended to debate the rights or wrongs of policies. Instead, it is to provoke thought in the event that restrictions are placed on mobile devices. That certainly seems like a possiblity, although it is certainly too early to know how and what that would be. But, I know in my situation, it would severly restirict my mobile tech travel plans if restrictions were handed down. How would you cope or adapt if security restrictions did not allow you to carry your mobile tech with you? Again, I’m not looking for any debate on the rights or wrongs here, just your thinking on how you would adapt if it came to that.

UPDATE: Marc Orchant has an interesting look at this issue in his column.

UPDATE 2: Michael Parekh also has some intriguing thoughts on the matter.

UPDATE 3: MiniMage weighs in here.

UPDATE: 4: Loren Heiny has some thoughts on this.


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