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Will the mythic Apple Tablet save comic strips?



Behold the awesome power of the mythic Apple Tablet, destined to save static media from oblivion with its awesome awesomeness! Okay, maybe not, but Saturday’s edition of comic strip Over the Hedge (which you may recognize as from its feature film adaptation) offers a hopeful view of the future of media.

Over the Hedge

Now, before the fanboys and haters get all riled up, keep in mind, the guy who draws the strip, T. Lewis, does so on his Tablet PC (last we heard, a Lenovo x61 after upgrading from a Toshiba M200), which permanently puts him on my cool list. Take that as evidence of fair-mindedness or irony as you will. Also remember, it’s a comic strip with talking animals. If you want a less rosy, comic strip view of what the mythic Apple tablet will mean to media, there’s my far less refined take in Three Panels.

Big thanks to Mary Lee for the tip!

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