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Will Ultra-Mobile Be In Microsoft’s 2008 Consumer Product Blitz?



Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Microsoft is prepping a $300 million consumer product blitz in early 2008. (I smell a CES roll out.) She’s speculating that this will include Microsoft’s Zune’s, XBox, and Windows Home Server. She’s also curiously suggesting that Microsoft Surface might be in the mix, although I’m not so sure that will be a part of the consumer push this early. (Apparently Gates is going to demo Surface technology as a part of the CES keynote.)

Here’s my question though, and the eventual answer will be quite telling. Will Microsoft include Tablet PCs and UMPCs in the big consumer push that is about to happen? I’m optimistic that we will at least see UMPCs as a part of the campaign, but if we don’t… like I said, that will be more than telling.



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