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Win $600 in another contest


on is running another UMPC contest and this time they are giving $600 each to 3 winners and 5 SlingBoxes to runners up. How do you enter? Submit a photo of how you can imagine an Origami / UMPC device changing your lifestyle. You can read the rules and enter here.


Due to the positive feedback we received on the first contest, we wanted to give the community another opportunity to be creative about what the UMPC means to each of you.  And it can be each of you this time as this contest is open to Origami enthusiasts outside of the US!

Submit a photo that illustrates how you imagine that a UMPC will change your lifestyle for a chance to win one of the 3 top prizes of $600 which can be put towards purchasing a UMPC for yourself, or if you already own one, potentially buying some peripherals to enhance it.  And if your photo does not end up a medal winner, we have 5 awesome Slingbox devices as runner up prizes. Click on “You and Your (Virtual) UMPC” for all of the contest rules.

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