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Win a Photon 4G and a Year of Telenav GPS



Do you have a new smartphone at the top of your holiday wishlist? How about a year of GPS navigation service to make sure that you don’t get lost while you ring in the new year with friends and family.

If that sounds like a great deal, then GottaBeMobile and TeleNav have just the contest for you.

We are giving away a new Motorola Photon 4G Android powered smartphone and a year of TeleNav GPS service to keep you on the right course for 2012.

Motorola Photon 4G giveaway

Win the Motorola Photon 4G from TeleNav

The Photon 4G has a 4.3″ qHD display and a 1GHz dual core processor, runs Android 2.3 and operates on the Sprint 4G network. The Photon 4G has an 8MP camera with Dual LED flash and is capable fo recording video in 720P. You’ll also find a kickstand to keep the phone propped up while you  watch movies and TV shows.

The Photon 4G is also Webtop enabled, which means you can connect it to a LapDock or use the VGA adapter to connect it to a TV and launch a desktop like experience for when you need to do more on your phone.

The year of TeleNav GPS service will come in the form of the TeleNav GPS Navigator app on Sprint.

TeleNav GPS Navigator for Android delivers voice guided GPS with live traffic, voice commands and the ability to choose between multiple routes. There is also easy access to many points of interest, complete with user generated reviews and ratings.

You can check out a demo of the TelNav GPS Navigator app in the video below.

How to Enter

To enter, you need to do three things. When it comes to winning a new phone and a year fo GPS navigation, we think liking GottaBeMobile and TeleNav on Facebook is a pretty good deal.

1. Like TeleNav on Facebook.

2. Like GottaBeMobile on Facebook.

3. Leave a comment below telling us your best, “I got lost on the way over the river and through the woods” holiday travel story.

Leave this comment here on GottaBeMobile, we will use the information you comment with to contact you if you are the winner.

Contest Details

The contest runs until December 24th at 11:59 PM Pacific. The winner will be notified via email and will have 3 business days to respond and claim the prize, after which time a new winner will be chosen.

Void where prohibited by local law, Must be a U.S. resident 18 or older to enter.



  1. Jay Yeater

    12/20/2011 at 1:57 pm

    While traveling to a family Christmas party in Columbus we got sidetracked because of a highway stoppage.  We decided to take the new US 30 to go around it only to realize that 30 is not programmed into our GPS.  For 30 miles we drove without any idea of where we were going with our GPS saying we were off road.  Finally, we saw some familiar town names.  We showed up 1.5 hr later to the party than expected but had a interesting story when we arrived.  Merry Christmas GottaBeMobile crew

  2. Alex walls

    12/20/2011 at 2:04 pm

    last year during Christmas i was going to an ugly sweater party in Columbus that was kind of in the ghetto, i called for directions but due to poor call quality the calls kept dropping, and i wasn’t receiving texts all the while trying to find my way to said party, im stopped on some side street east of down town, as cops fly by me with lights blaring gun shots were fired a few blocks north….talk about being in a WTF kind of situation. all the later to find out i was on the exact opposite side of town at like 1130 when my signal picked back up and was informed of it….good times, made it to the party about 2 hours after it had started, but every one knows its nice to be fashionably late

  3. Anonymous

    12/20/2011 at 4:07 pm

    a few years ago my husband and i were on the way to visit his mother down in south florida.  we were running low on gas but getting close to our desitnation so we didn’t stop to fuel up.  We missed our exit and ended up going through the everglades in the middle of the night almost running out of gas.  thank God we made it.

  4. Matt Kalist

    12/20/2011 at 4:12 pm

    My brother tried to fly from NYC to St. Louis. His airline overbooked the flight by 30 seats! He was involuntarily bumped and after being at the airport for 7 hours, after taking the day off work and a $75 cab ride each way, he was placed on a flight….2 days after he was suppose to. By the way, he booked this flight well over 3 months ago!

  5. TheTechChat

    12/20/2011 at 4:13 pm

    I was in the US Army and on my first leave since finishing basic and advanced training, and really looking forward to being at home for Christmas. This was in Kentucky, long before GPS was available, and during the first major snowstorm of the year. I was heading from Fort Campbell to Fort Wayne, IN (the latter an old-time fort from the early American period) and stopped in Louisville to get my bearings. Somehow, in the blinding snow, I managed to get on I-64 instead of I-65 (this was also my first long-distance drive). It wasn’t until I started seeing signs for Evansville, IN (completely on the wrong side of the state) that I realized my mistake. I backtracked, and ended up getting home at least six hours later than I should have. I still managed to make it home before anyone opened presents on Christmas morning!

  6. Benkg212

    12/20/2011 at 6:07 pm

    I went to an interview in Huntsville, Alabama and got lost trying to find my destination. In trying to find a place to turn around, I mistakenly got on an eight-lane one-way road. Being absolutely trapped with vehicles all around me I had no where to go but forward and soon I realized I was heading to Redstone Arsenal. When I got to the guard station I explained I was lost and he thoughly checked out my license, me and my car all the while all lanes (7 other) where stopped because of me. People where looking at me like they wanted to kill me because everything was stopped because of my stupid mistake. Finally, the guard led me to a turn-around area so I could head out of there. Obviously I delayed many folks trying to get on the base.

  7. Eric J Wilborn

    12/20/2011 at 6:13 pm

    It’s not truly a “holiday” story, but it’s close. My wife and I got married 3 years ago (3 years, 2 weeks, and a day, to be exact) and enjoyed a honeymoon upstate in the countryside of Galena, Illinois. The roads were alright most of the way up; a little snow here and there, but nothing major. Thanks to the GPS on my phone, we made it just fine, even with a couple of my manly shortcuts and detours! The only issue we had happened once we got to the main house, where we check in and get our keys. Well… we were almost to the main house. The driveway was a hill, and being so far north, there was plenty of snow and ice.. a combination of which my Neon was not fond. As they say, though, the third time’s the charm, and we eventually got checked in and began to enjoy our honeymoon!

  8. Anonymous

    12/21/2011 at 12:45 am

    A few years ago we decided to get the family together for the holidays. The meeting place wasn’t at one of the places in the city that everyone was familiar with so of course we gave out the address and directions to those as needed. A few of the family members didn’t exactly make it to the location so after having them tell me the nearest landmark I was able to show up easily by following the gps on my phone, which happens to be telenav since i’m with sprint…& lets just say after that the smartphone count in family went up considerably.

  9. steph

    12/21/2011 at 11:50 am

    last time i was driving to arkansas to see my grandparents we got completely sidetracked and ended up in a podunk missouri gas stop with one tank. disaster. definitely need gps on our phones!! ended up with my dad giving us crabby, turn by turn directions while waving us in with a flashlight… not a great way for my husband and him to meet for the 2nd time! like both on FB – steph sweeper

  10. Johnson Tuanmu

    12/23/2011 at 1:15 am

    Back in 2006, when the economy was still great and my only exposure to GPS is a now ancient Magellan Maestro 4040. As such, I didn’t think anything about it when my two aunts and two cousins from Texas decided to spend the holidays with us in California. Coincidentally, it was also the time when my beloved doggie, Melanie, decided to have an abnormally large litter of puppies. As always with these kind of tales, things started off wonderful: My cousins had great times doing their miniature tourist thing, getting photos of their adventures through out the San Francisco Bay Area; my restaurant owning aunts had a great time picking out and haggling with the Japanese import/export guy on how much to pay for dish, bowl, or cup, and ended up making out with close to 500 lbs of serving ware at 60% off; finally, although Melanie loved her pups, handling six of them for six weeks was starting to get on her nerves, to the point where she’d feed them all just enough to ensure that they won’t die, then she’d place them in a literal puppy pile five feet away from her, so that she could get some well deserved mommy dog nap time. Incidentally, my two cousins decided to show an uncharacteristically competent and gentle side of their teeny booper selves: They couldn’t bear hearing the gentle meowing of the puppies, so they spent a sizable chunk of their two week holiday vacation hand feeding them with mini-bottles. In fact, they spent so much time with the puppies that they ended up falling in love with them, and bugged their mom to let them bring the puppies home with them. As you can probably predict, she agreed. Thus, we ended up with this image: We had two forty-something women in the upper five feet range, two teeny boopers, a butt load of delicate Japanese utensils, three cages filled adorable puppies, and the various suitcases and boxes of stuff that they brought with them to start with, all packed into an aging golden Toyota 4Runner.

    I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was, but somehow they decided that they would drive down to Los Angeles by the way of I-5, switch onto I-10 by way of I-60, and reach Texas by cutting through Arizona and New Mexico. Unfortunately for them, and for my Magellan that I’d loaned them, none of us were counting on the fact that: None of them could use resistive touchscreeens worth a damn, there would be crazy pouring rain, snow, and hail the size of softballs, nor the fact that those pups needed to poop and pee every hour on the hour. About six weeks later, when I visited them to see how they were, and to get back my GPS, I found out the good stuff:
    – Along the way home, instead of taking I-5 all the way down, my crazy aunt insisted she was the only one who can read a map correctly and took them to Las Vegas via I-15.
    – Apparently, my GPS was thrown out of a window at one point by said crazy aunt, and landed on a rattlesnake, which was still scary and took some very long sticks and about an hour to retrieve.
    – For some reason, the teeny boopers allowed the puppies to roam around in the back of the car, which generated a plethora of pups-in-a-cup photos, but also caused about 280 lbs of the ceramics to become cracked from needing to support their own sheer weight and those of the dogs.
    – For a period of 23 hours, my aunts just took turns driving, while the other one napped. All of them (including the puppies) peed, pooped, and vomited into plastic bags, all while the car still zoomed on at close to 60 MPH and the rain was so heavy that you couldn’t see what was in front of the vehicle.
    – My cousins had each made three or four version of their video wills on their flip cameras, because that’s how many times they were convinced that they were going to die in that car. I’ve only seen one of those, and it watches like the blair witch project, but with more yelling in Chinese.
    – Finally, what was supposed to be a 28 hour sojourn across three states ended up being a 42 hour trip across seven states. All parties which was involved with that incident, including the puppies, now have an aversion to the word “Roadtrip”. For those of you familiar with the manga InuYasha, it is very similar to what happens when Kogome tells him to sit, except there’s a lot more tears, some shivering, and a definite possibility that projectile vomiting and speaking in tongues will happen.

    Personally, I think that all this could have been changed with a little bit of LTE Magic and a great smartphone. =)

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