Window Phone 7 US retail launch is coming fast!

The US availability of Windows Phone 7 is a week away now. Is anyone as excited as I was 2 weeks ago? I spent the money I have set aside for 2 Windows Phone 7 devices on my MacBook Pro a couple of weekends ago, but I reloaded funds and was all set and the evil apple tempted me again. I keep falling for the forbidden fruit. I bought an iPhone 4 on Friday.

I am sure I will be able to set aside some coin for a Windows Phone 7 device on November 8th when they hit AT&T and T-Mobile, but I think I am going to sit this launch out. Partially because I am no longer and Microsoft MVP, Windows Phone and partially because I have seen too many reviews that point out things I didn’t realize because of my fanboy blinders blocking my view. I think I am going to wait untilĀ  the OS matures a little bit more. I will be glad to review Windows Phone 7 if I am provided an opportunity, but I have decided not to support Microsoft in the communities I used to anymore, so there is no reason to spend my coin on a device that doesn’t seem like it will suffice for my daily driver yet.

For those of you that are excited about Windows Phone 7 hitting stores on November 8th, what device are you going to grab? The Samsung Focus on AT&T looks like the best choice based on actual hardware reviews. On the T-Mobile side, I don’t think you can go wrong with the HTC HD7.

If you are passing on Windows Phone 7 right now, what are your reasons for passing? I am sure some of you are happy with the phone you already own. Some are stuck with CDMA carriers that aren’t getting Window Phone 7. Some might feel like I do now. I know some of you are like, “What’s up Chris, you were raving about Windows Phone as early as last week”. Yes, I know. It’s funny how quickly opinions can change. I was very optimistic about the OS and I still am. I was excited to get my hands on a device and I still am. I just don’t think the OS is going to satisfy all my needs right now. This is based completely on the reviews I have read, and trust me, I’ve read more than than most with an open mind. While most reviews were overall positive, the negatives outweigh the positives. What I do love isn’t enough. I love the hub concept, I love the design and the fact that it’s drastically different that any other mobile OS currently, and I really love the potential of complete Zune integration.