Windows 10 for Xbox One Could Kill Key PS4 Advantage
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Windows 10 for Xbox One Could Kill Key PS4 Advantage



Microsoft hasn’t said its Xbox One entertainment system is just as powerful as Sony’s PS4. A new software upgrade and Crackdown 3 details indicate, the company could have every reason to do so in the very near future.

In an interview with 1080players developer Dylan Browne of Incandescent Imaging hints at the Direct X12 technology coming to the Xbox One with Windows 10 giving the system a much-needed performance push. Incandescent Imaging is working on a game for the Xbox One, PC and PS4 called Caffeine.

Brown says that he has access to the new Unreal Engine and Direct X12 technology already. “Usually you’re seeing a 20-ish percent performance increase in most cases. So it definitely boosts the FPS which would allow to increase, especially on Xbox, which is a little more under powered obviously then your PS4.” Browne goes onto clarify the statement, saying that those are just the performance upgrades he’s seen on the PC. Allegedly, the Xbox One consoles will see even bigger improvements since Xbox One games don’t have to account for different hardware.

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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said publicly at GDC 2015 that users can expect a 20% increase in performance with games developed in Unreal Engine 4 and Direct X12. Direct X12 is the set of APIs and instructions for games that Microsoft builds into Windows. The Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One also use Direct X to power their game experiences.

These comments about Direct X12 come on the heels of Microsoft showing off the power of its Xbox Live Compute service. Using servers Microsoft owns, developers are able to offload rendering and tasks when users have an internet connection. This gives developers the power of multiple Xbox consoles. Cloudgine, Crackdown 3’s developer uses Xbox Live Compute to render a fully destructible world in the game’s multiplayer experience.

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Xbox Live Compute isn’t technically unheard of or now, the service powers Microsoft’s Forza 5 and Horizon 2 Drivatar system too. When users are away from those games their character continues to run races against their friends, letting them earn in-game extras. First-person shooter Titanfall “uses the power of Microsoft’s cloud” to handle some of the calculations it needs. Titanfall is multiplayer only.

Microsoft and hardcore Xbox One fans are hoping that Xbox Live Cloud Compute and Direct X12 will allow the Xbox One to compete head to head with the PS4 when it comes to graphics. By all accounts, the Xbox One is less powerful than the PS4. Having less power means that some Xbox One games don’t look as detailed as they do on the PS4.

The difference in looks and performance first surfaced in the lead-up to Assassin’s Creed Unity. Before the game arrived a developer at Ubisoft confirmed that it was locked at a 900p and 30 frames per second. Many assumed that the Xbox One was holding back the PS4 version of the game. Ideally, the 1080p and 60 frames per second would give users the best looks and presentation possible.

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Too boost performance, Microsoft now lets games that don’t use the Kinect 2 sensor stop monitoring for gesture commands. Developers can then take that processing power and apply it to their games.

Direct X12 is set to début on the Xbox One along with what Microsoft is calling the New Xbox One Experience. The New Xbox One Experience will offer a simpler, easier way to navigate the Xbox One’s interface regardless of whether a user has a controller, a remote or a Kinect 2 sensor connected to their Xbox One.



  1. ferit

    08/17/2015 at 2:20 pm

    Looking forward to these new features the Xbox is getting, Xbox One Crackdown 3 looks amazing and those destruction physics using the Microsoft cloud just couldn’t be done on any other console alone and I doubt any current home PC.

    The only true 1080p and 60 frames game this gen will be Xbox One exclusive Forza 6.

  2. Modi Rage

    08/18/2015 at 6:12 am

    Crackdown 3 can be done on the PS4. Dedicated servers are not some new tech dedicated servers aren’t going to fix the Xbox One’s weaker hardware. It it were, Microsoft wouldn’t have made Xbox One a $400 console. Crackdown 3 uses dedicated servers in a very specific way that doesn’t work with every game and the graphics of the game are still taking a hit to manage the many parts of the building. The servers only help with the memory and motion of the destrucible parts, not the graphics.

    I think you also misinterpreted what was stated about DX12. “Allegedly, does not mean it will”. Xbox One already uses a low level API like DX12 and this developer probably doesn’t understand this because he hasn’t used the Xbox One API yet. He’s probably just making assumptions because he’s been using DX11 on PC. DX12 doesn’t just boost a game. Many devs have stated that Xbox One already uses a low level API and DX12 doesn’t fix the resolution because DX12 is for CPU optimizations. You also ignored the fact that the PS4 has a low level API like DX12 as well, and the PS4 has more ACE units. So if a dev makes a game with low level, the PS4 should benefit more. Devs haven’t really made full use of lower level on the PS4 because Xbox One and DX11 hold it back.

    It’s obvious this site is run by Microsoft fanboys. You were downplaying the performance advantages of the PS4 over the past year and now you’re making articles hoping to see DX12 boost performance. You’re a hypocrite. If you like Xbox, fine. But you should be an Xbox focused site. You should keep the PS4 out of your news because you post one sided information to promote Xbox. How about Nintendo news? Or are you just focused on trying to sell Xbox Ones?

    • bdrew1111

      08/19/2015 at 2:59 am

      Theres enough proof already out there to prove that what you just said is wrong, with the cloud and dx12 it has been PROVEN that with games built from the ground up using dx12 (Microsoft future exclusives most likely) can make the Xbox One be up to 20x more powerful

      • Modi Rage

        08/21/2015 at 6:05 am

        Actually, everything you stated is false. Show me proof.

    • Kidd-Cyr

      01/24/2016 at 12:14 am

      Modi Rage, Get a life Ps4 will not ever be able to do what cloud & Dx12 & Xbox One can do. It’s Core’s will melt. Hate to be the bearer of this awful news but it is not balanced right also Ps4 doesn’t have adequate ventilation or a big enough fan. Lmao Nice Try!! Microsoft made Xbox one a 400.00$ console cause they were thinking smart they balanced it with affordable hardware and saved money from doing so & why they choose to make Xbox One with DDr3 at a good value while you Ps4 fans cry were getting ripped off now in the near future when were playing games built on Azure tech you will be screaming at Ps4 WHY!!! cause DDr3 can handle more on screen textures & is so the Cpu would load or read write and handle the thread or process that way it will not overheat watch there will be games Ps4 will never be able to create or even be able to explain & try to shove that Morpheaus Vr down your throat. Dx12 was made for Xbox One believe that it can do what Pc Master race can do if not more! It will help Xbox One low level API! Just Watch. Xbox One will Probably be able to play Amd and Nividia based games as it’s easier to code for So Ps4 will be good for 3rd party games or will it?

  3. Shah

    08/23/2015 at 10:11 am

    Do you even know what an API is, or why it is needed? You obviously don’t.

    Unlike PC, you will see a very marginal increase in performance on xbox1 with dx12, you would know why if you actually knew what an API is and how/why it would work differently on console and PC.

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