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Windows 10 on Xbox One Release Details Coming Soon



According to Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, users won’t have to wait long to find out more about the new Xbox One Windows software update that the company first showed at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Spencer didn’t share exact details concerning the launch of Windows 10 on the Xbox One this week. That being said, he does answer a question from a fan about the coming upgrade and its release. Microsoft has said publicly that the next major software update to the Xbox One will add support for its Direct X12 technology and completely revamp the user interface so that it is more intuitive. Intuitive is something most users agree that it is not right now.

Phil Spencer is the head of Xbox, giving him power over the gaming experiences on Windows, Windows mobile and the Xbox consoles themselves.

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Twitter user UbiquitousDoom asked Spencer if Xbox One owners will “see Windows 10 come to Xbox One just after Gamescom or at least for Preview Members.” It’s a pretty reasonable question considering Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 as a free update for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users on July 29th.

Spencer doesn’t set a hard release date, instead he says “We are on track to deliver this, team is on schedule. You’ll hear more about the dates soon.”

Spencer doesn’t make any promises in the message, but his comments do provide more information about Windows 10 on Xbox One than we had previously. Theoretically, the company could talk more about the Windows 10 for Xbox One update when it releases its first wave of Windows 10 upgrades next week. It at least seems very likely that Microsoft will have more to share about the upgrade around the time of Gamescom this August. According to the company, the upgrade is set to happen sometime before the end of the year.

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For Microsoft, bringing Windows 10 to the Xbox One couldn’t be a bigger deal. The company is in the midst of a huge revamp for users. Previously, its devices ran and relied on its Windows 8 operating system and services. Windows 10 gives the company a change to build a true ecosystem.

Windows 10 has a single store that holds music, video, games and what Microsoft calls Windows apps. Windows apps are an essential ingredient in the glue that now binds Microsoft’s products together. Developers can create one app for Xbox, Windows and Windows mobile. The Microsoft Store uses a sandbox technology to let users download the same games and programs that they are used to getting from websites.

Video game developers can create titles that work on all three platforms too. It’s up to the individual publisher, but buying a game or app on one of Microsoft’s platforms unlocks versions on other platforms. Xbox Live is also heavily integrated, with users being able to stream games from their Xbox One to a Windows 10 PC. The Xbox app for Windows 10 also acts as its own gaming destination, linking up to the Windows Store for native Xbox games with achievements, video clip recording, party chat, achievement tracking and Xbox Live multiplayer. A new version of Minecraft built specifically for Windows 10 is coming to showcase these features. Microsoft has Fable Legends and Gears of War Ultimate Edition coming to Windows 10 too.

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The “preview members” reference in UbiquitousDoom’s initial message is a reference to the Xbox Preview Program that Microsoft uses to test new features before they arrive for everyone. Presumably, the Windows 10 upgrade for Xbox One will arrive for those users before it comes to everyone else. That’s how Microsoft has handled feature updates in the past.

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1 Comment

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