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Windows 10 Technical Preview Update Coming



In boasting about how many users have downloaded the Windows 10 Technical Preview since it became available, Microsoft also revealed another piece of important information. According to a post on Blogging Windows, those running the Windows 10 operating system can expect a new update to arrive any day now.

Microsoft mentioned the coming update earlier this in Checking in on the Windows Insider Program. There are now 1 million users signed up to actively test the next major update to Microsoft’s next operating system for tablets, smartphones, notebooks desktops and even the Xbox One.

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The Windows 10 Technical Preview allows practically anyone to test Windows 10. In exchange for getting the Windows 10 update, Insider Program members are expected to provide feedback about how the operating system works and what features are actually useful. Microsoft built the Windows Insider Program so that it could get real time feedback on all the new things that’ll be in the operating system.

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Today, the Windows 10 Technical Preview includes a new integrated search button and all sorts of feature updates for the classic Desktop interface. The Start Menu that Microsoft ditched in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is back with a new twist in Windows 10. It’s activated by pressing the Start Button on the taskbar and co-mingles Windows Store apps and classic Windows apps. Apps downloaded from the Windows Store now run alongside the Desktop apps. Microsoft says comingling apps and making them available on the Desktop has increased the amount of people opening applications. That’s crucial since most modern operating systems need a vibrant app store to survive. Lately, the Windows Store has become pretty stagnant.

Users can sort different apps into working areas for better organization using multiple Desktops too. All told, the Windows 10 Technical Preview is perfect for small businesses and enterprises looking to upgrade from Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

One thing Microsoft didn’t talk about was what if any features are coming in this new Windows 10 update. “A new build should be coming soon too!” Microsoft is encouraging users who want to know about new Windows 10 updates as soon as possible to follow Gabriel Aul of the Windows Team on Twitter.

There’s still plenty to implement in the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Search has already been moved to the taskbar, but leaks earlier this year indicated Microsoft has plans to add its Cortana personal assistant to Windows 10. She isn’t available on the Windows 10 Technical Preview that users have now. Microsoft itself revealed plans to introduce a hybrid interface that mixes elements of the Start Screen and the Start Menu into one thing for use on convertibles like the Surface Pro 3.

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The Windows 10 Technical Preview is available for anyone to download, but that doesn’t mean users necessarily should. Today, Windows 10 is a bit of a mess because it’s still in development. Features could change or disappear entirely. Adding it on a system with all of your personal information could result in lost data, especially since you can’t easily restore a PC that’s running Windows 10 back to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Microsoft has already said that it’s planning a Windows 10 Consumer Preview for next year. This does not seem to be the Windows 10 Technical Preview update that Microsoft discuses in this week’s update. Presumably, the Consumer Preview will have more features that normal users care about besides the return of the Start Menu and apps running in the Desktop.

How users will get the Windows 10 update when it arrives in final form remains unclear. Windows 8 users are expected to get Windows 10 at absolutely no cost. To boost adoption Microsoft could roll out the Windows 10 update to Windows 7 and Windows Vista users free as well.

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