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Windows 10 vs Windows 8 Walk Through: What’s New & Better



Charms & Hot Corners

Charms & Hot Corners

The most egregious thing Microsoft did to all Windows 8 users – tablet, desktop or notebook – was to add the Charms Bar. By itself it was a good idea. In theory, it gives users one simpe place to go and search for files, access settings, connect to printers and display things on monitors and televisions. Instead of including an on-screen way to access the Charms, Microsoft made it so users had to either place their finger on the right edge of their touch display and swipe to the left or place their mouse cursor in the top-right corner. If that wasn’t bad enough Microsoft then added gestures to every notebook with a touchpad that brought up the Charms Bar.

It was horrific. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve heard complaining about accidentally trigger the Charms Bar when they put their mouse in the corner of their screen or opening the Charms Bar by accident on the touchpad with their thumb. In Windows 10 there’s an on-screen button that brings up the Charms Bar for mouse and keyboard users. With any luck, Microsoft will add something similar for touch users.

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