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Windows 7 shown to boost laptop battery life…



wintel-1…when watching DVDs and running on an Intel processor.

Yep, per the CNET report, at an event held jointly by Microsoft and Intel, a laptop running Windows 7 was put to the test against one running Windows Vista and the results were impressive.

At a demo on Tuesday, Microsoft showed two identical laptops playing the same DVD, with the Windows 7-equipped notebook getting 20 percent better battery life than one running Windows Vista. In general, users can expect newer systems running Windows 7 to offer 10 percent to 20 percent better battery improvement when watching a DVD.

Why the demo was limited to playing a DVD, I have no idea, but obviously if you watch DVDs on your Intel-powered PC while on-the-go, you now have great incentive to upgrade to Windows 7. Personally, I rip my movies to hard drive ahead of long trips (a practice I adopted out of necessity since my old slate doesn’t have an optical drive), but that’s just me. My mom watches DVDs on her laptop, so this would help her. Still, I would translate this as meaning there’s some level of improvement across the board, which is always good news for mobile users.

Via Lifehacker



  1. Brian

    09/03/2009 at 12:26 am

    Microsoft has shown over the years that they are if not committed then aware of the environmental problem facing this planet. Not only do their energy campaigns save energy, but they save their consumers money – money that’ll be used to purchase, well, more Microsoft.

  2. Rob

    09/03/2009 at 7:54 pm

    It makes sense. Any operating system that runs more efficiently and with less bloatedness is going to save energy. Vista is so filled with crap and tasks that take up time and processing power. From what I understand, Windows 7 is not so power hungry. That is good for us all, especially those who would like to get greater life from our laptop batteries.

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