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Windows 7 Touch Logo



PC manufacturers will be rolling out new computers to take advantage of Microsoft Windows 7’s touch capablilities, but they’ll have to pass a 43-step evaluation process t0 earn a Windows Touch Logo. Hardware makers have already provided Microsoft with devices and drivers for testing.

For consumers, the logo tells you that the PC and all of its components are optimized for Windows. Component level logo, which is what we grant to Touch digitizers helps the OEMs choose a device that will deliver a great touch experience.

There are single point accuracy tests at various locations on the screen, including the corners which are often harder for accuracy but critical to Windows. There are also several dynamic tests where accuracy is measured while drawing lines on the screen

Here’s a testing jig that’s used to test the accuracy of drawing arcs:


You can read more about the testing process at the Engineering Windows 7 blog.

via Engadget

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