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Windows 8 Live ID Integration Makes It Easy to Resume Apps on Different Machines



Microsoft is bringing Live ID integration to Windows 8 to make it easy for users to access the web and cloud as well as have all their apps and settings available on other machines. The strategy may help position Windows 8 tablet as not just a fully functional PC for those who want a primary touch-only device, but may also help Microsoft push tablets as secondary PCs for use in the home or for casual use. Essentially, with Windows Live ID, settings, apps, and Metro UI personalization will get saved to the cloud. When you open a second PC and log in with your Live ID, those settings would get pulled down to the second machine so that it would act as if it was your native home PC.

In the demo video, Microsoft highlights that some applications for this include starting an app on one machine and resuming the app on a second machine later. Another example would be starting a video on one system and resuming the video on another system.

In the post-PC world, the PC is no longer the center of a user’s digital and work life. Rather, the cloud is, and the PC is just one means to access the cloud. In the Windows 8-Live ID paradigm, Live ID will not only make it easier for users to hop on any PC and feel like its their home PC, but will also place growing emphasis on Internet and mobile broadband connectivity to deliver this end-user experience.

To watch the Microsoft demo video, click here.

Via: Microsoft News

1 Comment

1 Comment

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