Windows 8 Will Be Retina Display Ready

Microsoft would like everyone to know that they’re paying attention to all the madness around the iPad’s new display. To that end, they’ve posted a very detailed look at some of the ways Windows 8 and apps will work with displays that sport a high pixel density.

Over on TechCrunch they’re calling this post-HD, but that term actually makes no sense. The whole post-PC thing has ruined so many people’s good sense.

Anyway, Microsoft’s post goes pretty in-depth, which is probably more than most consumers need, so the gist is this: Windows 8 tablets with full or overfull HD displays will not have to suffer from fuzzy pixilation in the operating system’s interface or from apps, as long as developers do their jobs right. As with any high density display, there could be issues surrounding small elements like drop down boxes, but Windows needs to address that in general, anyway.

Given the success of the iPad, it wouldn’t surprise me if we see less of the standard 1366 x 768 in displays on both laptops and tablets coming down the line. A higher resolution means you need more graphics power, so bring on the high-end GPUs. I don’t think consumers will complain.

Manufacturers have plenty of time — Windows 8 won’t launch until October.