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whs This demo is a great tool for showing off the capabilities of the new Windows Home Server (still unreleased).  I have been using WHS for a while now, and I find it very useful.  In one of these demos on the virtual home it provides an example showing one of the features I currently use.  I put all my pictures of my child on my home server, then I have all the family a username and password to access that folder.  That way, I just have to put the pictures on the computer and they can just go there and look whenever they want – over the Internet, right to the server sitting on my home network!  Very useful tool if you ask me!!  Not to mention it backs up the other computers on my home network.

There is much more to Windows Home Server than picture sharing and this site does takes an in depth look at some of them.  Look for an InkShow in the near future from me that takes you thru some ‘hands on’ usage of WHS.

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