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Windows Live Mesh Beta Client Now Available for Macs



This is good news for those of us who are platform agnostic and cut across the great Apple/Windows divide. Windows Live Mesh now has a client in pre-beta for Apple’s Macs. The news comes from the folks at LiveSide. Here’s the download link.

I’ve got things up and running on my iMac and all folders synced over successfully. Creating new folders works as advertised. I’m really looking forward to exploring this more when I get the chance and to how Windows Live Mesh continues to evolve. In the meantime, Kevin Tofel at jkOnTheRun has some good info posted on this already.

UPDATE: Apparently the download link has been taken down. We’ll post it again when we have it.

UPDATE 2: Not only is the download link unavailable, it appears the download for the client is also unavailable for the moment. When you open Live Mesh on a Mac it says you need to update but going ahead with the update yields a file not found error. Ah, life on the bleeding edge.

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