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Windows Live Wave 3 Beta Up and Running



Image_2Windows Live, which incorporates a suite of Microsoft applications including Messenger, Mail with Calendar sync, Live Writer, Photo Gallery, Family Safety, and the Outlook Connector is now rolling out a new beta in what is called Wave 3. Wave 3 now also includes Windows Movie Maker, which used to be found in Windows Vista. That’s a puzzler.

I use Messenger, and Live Writer (a great blogging tool) and occasionally dabble with the others. I’ll have to see how this new beta works for downloading because that’s been one of my complaints with the entire Windows Live experience so far. In previous versions, when you choose to update your applications you get a download interface that seems to take forever to scan your system for previous versions, and then takes an equally long eternity to download and install the applications you choose. I’m hoping that is improved in Wave 3, but we’ll have to see.

In any event, has the poop on what’s new, and also download links to Wave 3.

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