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Windows Phone 7 Goodies: Leaks, leaks, and more leaks.



The pace is surely picking up nearing the inevitable launch of Windows Phone 7. Leaked devices photos, commercials, rumors galore, and more! I love it!

If you remember the commercials that were leaked over the weekend that I posted about, you might remember the name HTC Mondrian mentioned. That devices showed its face today on Engadget (source). It looks pretty nice and quite thin. No specs were included, but we know Microsoft’s Chassis minimum specs, so it should be smoking fast like all the others.

Well, in an interesting tidbit in itself, if you follow this link to the videos I posted up, the legitimacy of the videos is no longer in question. If you attempt to play either of them, you will get a message that they were removed because of a copyright claim by Microsoft.

Another player that we’ve not heard much about in regards to Windows Phone 7 is Sony Ericsson. According to BGR, Sony Ericsson might be set to release at least 1 device running WP7.

“Android is definitely our focus, but we have not given up on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system, although it had a bit slow to take off. But Windows 7 Phone is on the roadmap,”

The last bit of news is a post from WMPowerusers that pieces together lots of bits of info into what they believe will be the Samsung Omnia 7. We already know that Samsung will be in the Windows Phone 7 fray, so this is neither a surprise or far fetched. What is interesting is the 7 in the model number. HTC is rumored to be naming the HD3 the HD7  as well. Trivial, but cool, I know. The image to the right is of the rumored Samsung Omnia 7 (Samsung GT-i8700).

As you can tell, I am quite excited about Windows Phone 7’s release. I will keep you folks up to date as I can.



  1. Dan

    09/30/2010 at 7:30 am

    Thanks for the enthusiasm and excitement, however, I have spent some time in the Windows 7 forums and I am reading that users will no longer have ‘Office Mobile’ on their phones (or PDA’s if this ever gets loaded which I suspect it will not). If this is true, no matter what the excitement level, the lack of capability to use any of these devices for anything more than email and social media contacts is a deal breaker for me. Just like the iPhone was a ‘connected’ iPod, it appears Windows Phone 7 is just a connected ‘Zune.’

    It appears that the direction of the future is to have the corporate world either adopt Blackberries or go back to using 3×5 cards and a pencil!

    I sure hope MS finds a way to put Office Mobile and full sync capability back on these future devices!


    • JM

      09/30/2010 at 7:45 am

      I would agree with Dan. I’ve been looking forward to a W7 Phone to switch out my current Windows Mobile. I’ve considered an Android phone, but have held off because I was looking forward to being able to seemlessly sync the W7 phone with Outlook. Without that…it seems to lose it’s appeal. I hope that changes.

  2. Steve

    09/30/2010 at 7:50 am

    Paul Thurrott has written a book called “Windows Phone Secrets” to be released about the same time as Windows Phone. He posed the contents page on his web site and chapter 12 is titled “Getting Work Done on the Go with Office Mobile”. That seems to indicate, to me at least, that Office Mobile will still be there.

  3. John Jameson

    09/30/2010 at 8:10 am

    Based upon earlier promotions that I’ve seen with Phone 7, MS is planning to tightly integrate their phone with SharePoint and Office. MS has done plenty of stupid things, but I can’t believe they would strip out such an important competitive advantage.

  4. DNel

    09/30/2010 at 12:18 pm

    I’ve been waiting for the WP7 for some time and I’m excited that it is finally arriving this year. My location has moderate/partnered/no service for voice on AT&T (and no data) so the iPhone was never a choice. I almost jumped on Android, but love my ZuneHD interface which is very similar to the WP7. Can’t wait to test drive it when it comes out. I’m currently on Verizon because of the coverage.

  5. James

    09/30/2010 at 2:09 pm

    Have you guys not even looked at the Windows Phone 7 yet? Of course it has full functionality with office and exchange. There are all sorts of videos showing it and it works very well. No other phone will integrate as well with office and exchange as this phone.

  6. Chris Leckness

    10/01/2010 at 7:42 am

    There are plenty of areas in Windows Phone 7 that I think Microsoft is making mistakes in, but overall, most of them do not affect me directly. I have used WP7 and most of the tasks I use my iPhone for can be taken care of just as easy with a WP7 device.

    We’ll soon find out. :)

    As for the Office experience, all I can say is a lot of the things that MS is doing seems to be trying to push us all into the cloud. Microsoft is pushing Skydrive hard as “your” cloud solution.

    I would much rather have my photos and music on the device rather than streaming it from the cloud. That’s one of my biggest complaints about the storage capacity of the rumored WP7 devices we’ve seen.

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