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Windows Phone 7 Mango Update Rumored to Come with Visual Voicemail Support



In addition to more substantive features update behind the Mango build for Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s forthcoming firmware update for its mobile operating system may also come with support for visual voicemail. The idea behind visual voicemail was first popularized by Apple’s iPhone, which shows voicemail in an app interface where users can tap on the messages they want to hear first rather than have to listen to a chronological list of messages. Also, voicemails are delivered via a sound file in the app and doesn’t require a user to dial into the voicemail system and enter a password and codes to delete, rewind, or fast forward through a voicemail. Since the system was popularized on the iPhone, various carriers have implemented similar systems, and now it appears that the feature may soon be supported on Windows Phone 7 through the Mango firmware update.

The news behind the speculated visual voicemail support in the Mango build was leaked via Twitter by a user who has been responsible in the past for various Windows Phone 7 leaks.

As Microsoft is hosting a New York event later this month, hopefully we’ll get some confirmations for the features in Mango, and whether or not visual voicemail will be coming.

Via: Mobility Digest



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