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Windows Phone 7 Phone and Carriers Announced (Video)



Here are the devices we’re looking at for Windows Phone 7 and what carriers they are launching on.

This is the list of devices that Microsoft has stated. I will update this post with links to info about each device as the info becomes available.

Microsoft Corp. today joined its partners in revealing nine new Windows Phone 7 handsets that will be available this holiday season from leading mobile operators in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Australia. With more than 60 mobile operators in over 30 countries worldwide committed to bringing Windows Phones to market, the millions of people around the world looking for a phone that plays as hard as it works will have a variety of phones from leading device-makers to choose from.

Microsoft and its partners have worked together closely to create a different kind of phone with new experiences that bring together what people care about most. Windows Phone 7 will be available in a variety of sleek form factors from device-makers such as Dell, HTC Corp., LG and Samsung, and from mobile operators including América Móvil, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom AG, Movistar, O2, Orange, SFR, SingTel, Telstra, TELUS, T-Mobile USA and Vodafone. All Windows Phone 7 phones will include the high-performance Snapdragon™ processor from Qualcomm. A broad selection of phones will begin shipping in holiday 2010 with more arriving in 2011, including phones from Sprint and Verizon. In addition, select models will be available at Microsoft Store locations and from Amazon.

Here is a Channel 9 video showcases some phones!

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The following devices will come to North America, Europe and Asia Pacific in the holiday 2010 timeframe.

In North America:


  • HTC Surround, United States
  • Samsung Focus, United States
  • LG Quantum, United States

T-Mobile USA

  • HTC HD7, United States
  • Dell Venue Pro, United States


  • HTC 7 Surround, Canada
  • LG Optimus 7, Canada

América Móvil

  • LG Optimus 7, Mexico

In Europe:

  • HTC HD7, United Kingdom, Germany


  • HTC 7 Mozart, including France, United Kingdom
  • Samsung Omnia 7, including France, United Kingdom


  • HTC 7 Trophy, France
  • Samsung Omnia 7, France


  • LG Optimus 7, Spain
  • HTC HD7, Spain
  • Samsung Omnia 7, Spain

Deutsche Telekom AG

  • HTC 7 Mozart, Germany
  • Samsung Omnia 7, Germany


  • HTC 7 Trophy, including Germany, Spain, United Kingdom
  • LG Optimus 7, including Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

In Asia Pacific:


  • HTC HD 7, Singapore
  • LG Optimus 7, Singapore


  • HTC 7 Mozart, Australia
  • LG Optimus 7Q, Australia


  • HTC 7 Trophy, Australia
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