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Windows Phone 7 Review Wrap Up



Today, embargo lifts on Windows Phone 7 device reviews. This is an embargo that was put into place by Microsoft covering the release software. As you may or may not know, reviewers were able to post reviews of the early versions of WP7 on the developer devices they were loaned. This is a bigger milestone. These are the reviews of the actual devices announced back on October 11th and the release software associated.

Even though I am a Microsoft MVP, Windows Phone, I don’t have a device to share with you guys today. In fact I have only used Windows Phone 7 for 4-5 hours at an event in Redmond last month. The software that was running on the developer phones we used that day was the final release Windows Phone 7 software, but other than the core OS, there wasn’t enough time or resource to put it through any real world scenarios. I was able to run through a mall taking phones, texting, and emailing for a scavenger hunt late that day. These functions worked well, but I am afraid my overall opinion will have to wait until I actually buy a device and have time to use it in the real world.

I will be glad to give you my review when the time comes, but for now I will spam you with links to reviews by friends in the industry.

After scanning/reading over 30 reviews already, here are my observations.

  • All these AT&T phones being reviewed and no T-Mobile reviews? What’s that all about?
  • Most of those that have had access to more than one Windows Phone 7 handsets say that they like the hardware of the Samsung Focus most.
  • Microsoft has a great start, but they don’t seem finished yet. I have to agree with that from what I have seen so far, in videos and my hands on.
  • The UI itself is stunning.
  • The speed of the OS is lightning fast. I guess the chassis spec helped that out!
  • The camera software is good, but the camera quality is just decent. Of course, each phone is going to be a little different.
  • Too many missing features.
  • Lot’s of mini-reviews out there. You know, the ones that leave you saying, “Where’s the Beef?”.

Enjoy reading all the reviews!
I left out tons of reviews, but those are either from writers I don’t know or trust, or from the big ticket sites that you’ve probably already read.

What do you think about Windows Phone 7 now that you have some more reading material to base your opinions on?



  1. Jed

    10/21/2010 at 1:08 am

    Better keep updating that list. The reviews are starting to get more negative, as reviewers are finding that the long list of missing features in Windows Phone 7 is causing frustration.

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