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Windows Phone 8 Final Build Caught on Video



Microsoft isn’t ready to show off the final build of Windows Phone 8, but there is a final build out there somewhere, and now we have video of it.

The video comes from WP Central who managed to get their hands on the emulator for the final build of Windows Phone 8. The video walks us through some of the new features of Windows Phone 8, including some that Microsoft isn’t ready to talk about just yet. Even though Microsoft isn’t ready to share, we already heard of most of these new features already so they aren’t a big surprise.

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The video shows off a few of the new features like Kids Corner which lets parents give their children a controlled section of the phone with only a few select features enabled.

Windows Phone 8 Video

Windows Phone 8.

A large portion of the video is also taken up by Wallet, which Microsoft announced along with Windows Phone 8. Wallet is Microsoft’s answer to Google Wallet. It lets users add credit cards to their phone for NFC payments. It also aggregates deals and coupons from a variety of services, to make it even more of a digital wallet.

Xbox Music is also features for a few moments, though Microsoft still isn’t clear on how Xbox Music is different from the Zune Pass.

While there isn’t much new to see in the video, it does give a good overview of the OS that will come on the new phones from Nokia, HTC, and Samsung later this year.

There’s still a chance that Microsoft has a few surprises for us, but even with the new features we’ve already seen Windows Phone 8 looks like it might finally be on par with Android and iOS. Now it just needs the app support.

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