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Windows Phone Facebook Surge Suggests Strong Holiday Sales



An increase in usage of the Facebook suggests that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is experiencing a healthy and sharp increase in sales as the holiday season kicks off. In addition to strong sales of the HTC Titan, it looks like the platform overall is experiencing growth.

WMPU is reporting that there is an increase from 1,000,000 active Facebook users on November 11 to over 1,100,000 active users on November 25. Though the increase in sales is no where near what Google is activating per day with Android, this big of a jump for a relatively smaller user base is significant for Microsoft.

Microsoft’s hardware partners–Nokia, HTC, and Samsung–have all announced new devices that come with competitive features. The HTC Titan with its 4.7-inch display stands out in the crowd while the Samsung Focus S provides a rich Super AMOLED Plus screen. Nokia’s Lumia handsets are generating a lot of buzz and sales in Europe.

Based on sales figures, it is extrapolated that Microsoft’s partners may have generated about 600,000 new sales of devices.

Unlike rival platforms, Microsoft’s mobile OS comes with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn integration out of the box so no additional apps are needed.

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1 Comment

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