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Windows Presentation Foundation – the best thing to happen to Tablet PCs



Josh Einstein has written a great article highlighting Windows Presentation Foundation (aka Avalon). If you are a developer focused on Tablet PC apps, take a read.

I’ve finally gotten around to actually playing with Windows Presentation Foundation in Visual Studio and I’m really blown away by the capabilities. As a GUI guy, I can totally appreciate all the work they’ve put into this framework and I am relieved to see most of the problems with GDI+/Windows Forms being addressed. WPF will definitely mean more impressive looking user interfaces that will make ““web 2.0” look like DOS.

But what does this mean exactly for Tablet PC’s? Well, with the recent announcements about Origami devices, the landscape is certainly changing drastically. No longer can a Tablet PC developer assume that his application will run in 1024×768 at 96dpi. Even with the Toshiba M200 and other large screen tablets this is already a problem (although it’s alot easier to deal with more screen real estate than less).

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