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Windows Search 4.0 Released



Microsoft has released Windows Search 4.0 which updates desktop search on Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Home Server.

Microsoft says that 4.0 offers performance and reliability improvements (isn’t that phrase becoming a cliche?), that queries are faster, along with speed improvements for indexing. Although as far as indexing goes the caveat is that it depends on the speed of your machine and the volume of your data. 4.0 also extends remote index discovery so if your network’s machines are all running 4.0 Vista to XP, or Vista to Windows Server 2008 searches are now possible.

This will eventually work its way to Windows Update, but if you’re anxious to give it a whirl you can download it the following links.

You can check out more on the Windows Experience Blog from Brandon LeBlanc.

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