Windows Vista critique (to say the least)!
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Windows Vista critique (to say the least)!



Chris Pirillo is an interesting guy. Apparently Jim Alchin of Microsoft asked him to give him a “critique” of the latest Windows Vista build, and well, that’s what he got! Chris certainly took this task to heart, and compiled a HUGE list of things he found with an extensive session. He did warn him though! Here is Chris’ intro:

“I spent a few hours with Windows Vista last night, per Jim Allchin’s request to send him feedback about what I discovered in terms of discrepancies and oversights. I took that task seriously, and stayed up late to compile this far-from-comprehensive list. I sent it to him at 1am, and I hope he doesn’t have a filter that keeps him from seeing it. I realize this list is lengthy, but these reasons are exactly why I’m afraid Vista won’t be as polished as originally anticipated. I warn you, this list is long – and it’s only going to get longer, the deeper I dive into Vista Beta 2. This list is longer than the interview!”

I enjoyed his comments on the time spent with Jim, sounds like he got a really good feel for Jim’s honest desire to produce a good product. He also did an interview with Jim. I am going to keep an eye on this post by Chris, just to see what other interesting things he find. If you want something tested, I’d say Chris is a good candidate to do it!

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