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Windows Vista on a Tablet PC — Getting closer!



If you don’t follow the Tablet PC Team blog, well — you should! They do not make a ton of entries, but when they do, you know that the info comes from the actual guys making things happen on the Tablet PC OS. You will see posts there from the real insiders. Get familiar with names like Koji Kato, Stefan Wick, Ian Legrow, etc., since they are making the decisions and doing the coding on the OS on your Tablet! This post made by Shawn Van Ness (Shawn is a Program Manager on the Tablet Team), titled “Windows Vista Feb 2006 CTP Rocks on Tablet PC!” shows that Windows Vista is definitely getting much closer to being ready for prime time on a tablet. When your job depends on you Tablet PC being stable, you would not want to make Vista your primary OS, right? Well, Shawn has taken the plunge with the latest 5308 public CTP build of Vista. Here is a portion of Shawn’s comments:

“…..For starters, everything’s there — the cool new Input Panel, which docks to the side of the screen. Pen Flicks (which greatly mitigates the pain of using a scrollbar with a stylus). Journal and InkBall are there. Ink Watson and Handwriting Personalization. Support for Network Projection. And there’s Mobility Center, a one-stop-shop for managing power settings and sync’ing files. Also, a special surprise — a lightweight version of the Snipping Tool powertoy is now included and installed by default, on Windows Vista! (Just start/run “SnippingTool”, and have at it!) ..”.

“….Perhaps what’s most amazing, is this: I now no longer feel the need to revert to Windows XP, to get work done from day to day. In fact, I just “took the plunge” and removed XP from my Toshiba M200 — Windows Vista Feb 2006 CTP is now my OS of choice! Office 2003 works great. Visual Studio 2005 works great. All my favorite games work great..”.

All is not perfect yet, read Shawn’s complete post to get the full picture of where Vista is today, but the news is encouraging. The big question is…, should I take the plunge on my Toshiba M200 also? Hmmmmmm……

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