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Wireless ThunderBolt Charging Has Arrived at Verizon Stores



It’s time for ThunderBolt owners to throw down their wires and pick up a Qi certified wireless charging battery cover for our favorite battery munching 4G LTE smartphone. After much waiting and a several online spottings Verizon stores are now beginning to get stock of the HTC ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover, available for the $29.99.

ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover

ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover

The HTC ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover pairs with the $70 Verizon wireless charging station, but will also work with other Qi certified charging stations like the Energizer Qi-Enabled 3-position charger available at Amazon for $57 after a $10 off coupon code. This charger will allow you to wirelessly charge the ThunderBolt, another gadget with a Qi back and a third gadget via USB. A single Qi charger is expected to arrive this summer from Energizer with a suggested price of $54.99. We’d love to add a single Qi charger to our car to keep the power hungry ThunderBolt charged up while on the Go, or just as a less expensive desk charging solution.

Energizer inductive qi charger

The Energizer Qi charger will work with the HTC ThunderBolt.

The HTC ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover on sale at Verizon won’t work with the popular Powermat charging accessories because Powermat uses different to handle the charging. No word on when you might be able to purchase the ThunderBolt Wireless Charging Battery Cover online, but if you are near a Verizon store you may be lucky enough to pick one up without a wait.

Updated: Added single Qi charger pricing

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