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Withings Activite Pop Fitness Tracker Announced



Withings has turned into quite a powerhouse of health and fitness accessories, and it’s not stopping anytime soon, as the company has announced the Activite Pop fitness tracker.

The Activite Pop looks like any other good-looking wristwatch, but it includes internals that also allow it to connect to your iPhone and track various aspects of your health and fitness lifestyle.

The new wearable is nearly identical to the original Activite fitness tracker, but with obvious upgrades on the inside, as well as a much lower price tag of just $150, which makes it one of the cheaper options out on the market.

What makes the Activite Pop quite unique is that it doesn’t include any buttons on the device at all, and rather, users control the watch through the iOS app (Android users are out of luck for now). However, the watch does include a vibration motor on the inside to provide alarms and other notifications in a silent manner.

Withings Activite Pop

Other features include step counting, sleep tracking, water proof up to 100 feet deep, and an 8-month battery that uses a standard watch battery, which isn’t incredibly ideal, but replacing a watch battery is fairly easy to do and the fact you don’t need to replace it until eight months isn’t a big deal.

However, the lower price of the Activite Pop comes with some setbacks that may make or break a potential purchase for some users. For starts, it comes with a silicone watch band instead of a nicer leather band, so the watch will probably feel cheaper on your list than it looks. Furthermore, the new watch doesn’t use sapphire glass like the original Activitie, which is another reason why the Pop only costs $150.

Withings Activite Pop

However, it’s $150, and that’s fairly cheap for something that tracks your health and fitness, as well as looking really good on your wrist. It truly is one of the first smartwatch/fitness trackers that looks like a normal watch on your wrist, but acts as a health and fitness tracker.

As for availability, the Activite Pop will release on January 5th exclusively at Best Buy, but the inventory will be fairly limited. The company says that the watch will see a wider release sometime in March.

The only real downside is that the watch doesn’t work with Android, and many of Withings’ products don’t work with Android, which is a huge market that the company could easily expand to and gain a ton of users by simply supporting Google’s mobile operating system, but we’re guessing there are a few things going on in the background that Withings is concerned about with Android, but hopefully we see Android support in the near future.

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