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Withings Aura Aims to Take Your Sleep to the Next Level



Withings is all about health tracking, and it’s new Aura sleep-tracking system is no exception. The Aura is a two-part system, one of which is a connected pad that goes under your pillow or mattress, and the other component is a device that sits on your nightstand.

At first glance, the Aura just simply looks like a typical sunrise alarm clock that you can get pretty much anywhere. However, the nightstand glowing device actually does a whole lot more.

The pad that goes under your mattress senses all sorts of things, such as movements, breathing and even your heart rate. The glowing light device scans your room for noise, light, temperature and other environmental factors in your bedroom.

Withings Aura

The Aura collects this data and sends it to your smartphone where you can then view it in an easy-to-digest format. The data shows you how you slept and it also tells you what factors helped you sleep that night, as well as what factors didn’t help you sleep.

Like many mobile apps, the Aura also adapts to your sleeping habits and patterns so that it’ll wake you up at the most-optimal time using sounds and the glowing light to simulate a sunrise. And if it’s the falling asleep you need help with, the Aura can also play soothing sounds and shine a glowing red light to help you become more relaxed while you attempt to get some shut-eye.


All of this neat sleeping technology will set you back a bit, though, costing $299 for the kit, but if you already have a few Withings products around the house, like the Withings scale, blood pressure monitor and the activity bracelet, then you can connect all of those together to get a complete data set of health information.

The Aura will be available at some point in the spring, so you’ll have to wait a bit if you’re looking forward to a comprehensive sleep-tracking system for your bedroom, but Withings thinks that it’s worth the wait and the money.

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