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WiThings Smart Baby Scale Tracks Weight and Height on Your Phone



WiThings is best known for their WiFi connected health accessories, and at CES 2012 we got a look at a new tool that will be of interest to parents, especially parents obsessed with tracking their child’s height and weight.

The WiThings WiFi baby scale connects to your home network and seamlessly sends your child’s measurements to the app on your iPhone, Android or web browser. This allows you to track progress easily even if you don’t have your phone or a piece of paper nearby.

WiThings Smart Baby Scale with WiFi

WiThings Smart Baby Scale with WiFi

The new WiFi baby scale can also transform into a toddler scale when your little one is able to stand, and it supports multiple children so you can track multiple family members easily.

WiThings WiFi Baby Scale

One of the really nice features is how easy it is to share your child’s progress. Whether you want to show off how fast your kid is growing on Facebook or if you need to share progress with your pediatrician, the app makes that easy to do.

WiThings has not announced pricing for the Smart Baby Scale. The companion apps are available free of charge for the iPhone, iPad and Android. The Smart Baby Scale will be available in the second quarter of 2012.

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