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Withings Thermo WiFi Thermometer Makes Being Sick Fun



If you want to take your thermometer game to the next level the next time you get the flu, the Withings Thermo aims to provide a next-generation method for taking your temperature.

You probably know the drill, stick your conventional thermometer under your tongue and wait a few a seconds to get a reading. However, the Withings Thermos goes about it in a different way.

The Termo is a WiFi-connected temporal artery thermometer that comes with a 16-sensor IR array, which provides what Withings says to be “one of the fastest, most accurate, non-invasive temperature readings available.”


The new thermometer takes your temperature using the temporal artery on the side of your head, which is actually one of the best places to take your body temperature if you want the most accurate results.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the Thermo is that the device doesn’t even need to come in contact with your head. You can simply point it at the temporal artery and the Thermo will do its job, recording 4,000 measurements in two seconds to give you your temperature. The device takes into account different factors, like skin heat loss and the ambient room temperature.


After the device takes your temperature, the readings automatically get sent to your smartphone over WiFi or Bluetooth, and are organized for easy logging, allowing you to better control your fever and see when it got worse or better.

The Thermo takes two AAA batteries to power, and they can last up to two years before needing replaced.

The Withings Thermo will release at some point early this year with a price tag of $99.

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