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WMWiFiRouter For Your Windows Mobile Device




The WM WiFi Router program might be great tool for those times where you need to share a connection from your phone.  Say you and a friend are sitting in the airport with a delayed flight, both of you want to get on the Internet, but only have one phone with 3G.  Launch up WM WiFi Router and there is an access point!  Both of you can share that 3G connection via a Wireless or Bluetooth connection!  Pretty cool for only 30 bucks.  Click the Read More for the full press release.

Morose Media Announces Availability of WMWifiRouter 1.20,

Creating Wi-Fi Hotspots from Mobile Phones

New Windows Mobile application connects Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the Internet, allowing for a shared connection across multiple devices with a one-time only fee

(The Netherlands — September 11, 2008) — Morose Media, a leading software and Internet development company, announces the availability of WMWifiRouter 1.20 – the new Windows Mobile application that instantly turns Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones into wireless Internet sharing connection hubs. Compatible with both PC and Mac, the WMWifiRouter 1.20 introduces a convenient option for wireless Internet access and sharing via Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth.

The 1.20 application, downloadable from, allows users to create instant Internet access for any Wi-Fi-enabled device that can also be shared with others in the vicinity. Unlike similar services available, WMWifiRouter only requires a one-time fee for a lifetime of service, with no additional monthly or annual charges, and is available for use instantly upon purchase. With 15.6 percent of US mobile subscribers now regularly using the Internet on their mobile device*, there is a large demand now, more than ever, for connection options.

The user-friendly WMWifiRouter application makes it possible for PC, Apple and ASUS EeePC users to connect on-the-go. Compatible with phones that features Windows Mobile 5 AKU 3.3 or newer, or Windows Mobile 6, it provides secured network access to the Internet on any Wi-Fi device allowing users to e-mail, instant message or surf the Web as usual. For consumers, this means a complete solution for business or leisure activities on the move, data sharing with friends at home or away with colleagues, and no monthly charges or fees that are generally associated with mobile wireless cards purchased through cellular service providers.

““The Internet capability on some smartphones is dicey at best and we are confident that we’ve created a better solution with WMWifiRouter,” says Werner van Alphen, CEO of Morose Media. ““Our product provides people with easy Internet access on their laptops, MP3 devices and more, no matter where they are. Need to update your blog while you’re on a family road trip? How about send a last minute document to a demanding client? If you have a signal on your phone and WMWifiRouter, you’re good to go.”

In addition to Wi-Fi, users can also share cellular data and an Internet connection over Bluetooth and via USB, using less battery power from the phone than a Wi-Fi connection. To further save power, WMWifiRouter users can enter low-power mode without disturbing their connection simply by pressing the power button. Should the phone battery reach a specified level of depletion, the application will automatically shut down so that users have enough power remaining for calls.

WMWifiRouter also supports multiple devices at once and will reconnect automatically upon a connection loss. Phones on most networks can use WMWifiRouter to connect to the Internet while maintaining normal phone functionality. If the network does not support this connection, the WMWifiRouter Internet connection will pause while the call is made. Symbian Smartphone users can also enjoy this Wi-Fi hotspot freedom through Morose Media’s partner, more information can be found on

Other compatibility requirements include a Wi-Fi and cellular data connection, an installed and working version of Internet Sharing and at least 15 MB of device memory. WMWifiRouter licenses are available now at for a one-time fee $29.99, with special corporate pricing available. Users are encouraged to take advantage of the 21-day free trial before purchase.



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