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WNewquay Launches TabletWiki



A great resource for the Tablet PC community has just launched what looks to be a terrific new resource for the Tablet PC community. Tablet PC MVP WNewquay has just launched TabletWiki. WNewquay is one of the best thinkers and most cogent writers about Tablet PCs and his compilations of FAQs and posts on Tablet PC Buzz, and his blog are legendary for providing not only a great resource but helping many a new Tablet PC user and potential Tablet PC user turn the corner on their thinking.

This is a place where you can find, add, and edit knowledge about your Mobile Technologies. The initial focus is on Tablet PCs, Ultra Mobile PCs (Origami) and Media Center PCs. As various technologies converge, we may see articles on other gear, but for now our focus will be on Windows Tablet and Touch Technologies.

The fascinating aspect of this new TabletWiki is contained right there in the name. It is a Wiki which will users to contribute by adding articles in wiki-like style. From a community standpoint this should grow into an incredible resource.

There is already a considerable amount of content that WN has linked into the wiki and you can see that here. On that page that tracks changes there is an RSS feed you can subscribe to. (Subscribed.) If you are interested in Tablet PCs, UMPCs, Inking, or Touch, this is a site you should not only check often, but contribute to. Congrats, WNewquay, on an exciting new addition to the Tabletscape.

Check out and contribute to TabletWiki here.


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