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Woman Falls Off Pier While Texting



Texting and Driving.

Texting and Walking.

Tweeting and Driving.

All Bad!

While you might want to chuckle, it’s a pretty serious issue. Not paying attention while fiddling with your phone could cause something much worse than taking a swim without warning. Imaging walking in downtown New York just texting away and you don’t realize that it’s not safe to cross because you are preoccupied and POW, you because intimate with a cab’s front end. It’s a serious matter that I know personally.

Back in December, I was rear ended at a stop light by a young college student that was texting and driving. Nobody was hurt, but insurance companies had to shell out money and incoviences occured all because of a text.

Kelly over at IntoMobile posted about a woman that fell into the drink while texting the other day. The woman, her husband, and 15 year old son were walking along a pier in Michigan when she started sending a text to change an appointment time and ended up falling off their pier. Her husband and others jumped in to save her. She wants to get her story out there in hopes that others will be more careful.

Though she finds the it more than a little humiliating, Bonnie Miller of Benton Harbor decided to tell her story of falling off the south pier in St. Joseph after being distracted by texting while walking.

Remember, it can wait!

On the subject of texting and driving, if you have never watched the video AT&T put out a couple of years ago, do so now.

SourceABC57 News via IntoMobile

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