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Wooden Moto X Smartphone Tipped For Verizon



When Google and Motorola first announced the new Moto X, the company showed us its vision of a truly customizable smartphone. With different colors, accents, backgrounds, engravings, and even a boot animation, and one that was also included was a smartphone built from wood on the back.

The Moto X first launched on multiple carriers, but AT&T was the only one able to take advantage of the customization features mentioned above with Moto Maker, and eventually those options rolled out to everyone. Sadly the only thing we saw during the unveiling and initial showcase of the new device that isn’t yet available, was this wood option. Opting for a beautiful Bamboo-finished custom Moto X sounds awesome, and it’s coming soon to Verizon.


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We know the wooden back customization for the Moto X is coming soon, but so far there’s no clear date as to exactly when we can expect Motorola to roll out the option. However, we’ve been hearing before the Christmas holidays, so hopefully within the next week or so. Along with the wood should be a gold variant, but so far that is yet to be confirmed.

According to @evleaks the wood Moto X customization is still coming soon, and while he’s a man of few words, we know Verizon will be among the first. Leaking the photo above confirming at least Verizon will be on board, and possibly the rest. Moto Maker was originally an exclusive to AT&T but now can be used for all carriers, and we’re assuming the wood option will be available for all as well.

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If anything, this time around we could see the wood custom flavor be a Verizon exclusive, but this late into the smartphones life-cycle we have a feeling it won’t be exclusive to any one carrier. Again, users should be able to choose between ebony, teak, rosewood, and bamboo, which will all look and feel different, and we’re hearing it’ll cost just $49 more for this one-of-a-kind smartphone.

Many of Verizon’s product launches come on Thursday, so we’re expecting to hear something extremely soon if these wood backs are set to arrive before the holiday and Christmas rush ends. Stay tuned.

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1 Comment

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