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Would You Like a Pen With That Blackberry?



BerrypenWe certainly don’t think of Blackberry devices with pens or styli the way we do other mobile handsets. But maybe that will change for some, at a price. The Digital Pen (the first such device endorsed by RIM) has been available in Britain for awhile but has made it across the pond to Canada. It allows the user to ink notes, documents and email with special paper, and then transfer the text to your Blackberry device to be handled from there. The handwriting appears as a scanned document, or you can use handwriting recognition to turn it into text. Not a cheap alternative for those who like inking on paper. It’ll set you back $439 for the pen and a yearly subscription of $101 for the first year (the price goes up after that.) Of course you also have to buy that special paper.

Via Blackberrrycool via jkOnTheRun


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