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Wouldn’t A UMPC Be Great For This?




Caught this item in feeds this morning. Apparently Major League Baseball players are using video iPods to review footage of opposing players to bone up before games. Makes terrffic sense, small portable. Seems to me if battery life wasn’t an issue, this would be an ideal use for a UMPC, primarily becasue of screen size. Although, I’m guessing the smaller size of an iPod unit does fit nicely in those club jacket pockets.

This is certainly a natural progression in sports using technology. I remember living in Chicago when Tony LaRussa was managing the White Sox and there was quite a big deal made when the Sox starting using computers and databases to track statistics and tendencies. Again, this makes me think that as UMPCs improve they will become natural for dugout or sideline usage. Don’t remember if they were tracking steriod use though.

Via ESPN 360

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