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Wrapsol iPhone 5 Ultra Screen Protector Review: Goes On Smooth and Easy



Wrapsol takes the pain out of installing iPhone 5 screen protectors with the bubble-free, frustration free, Wrapsol iPhone 5 Ultra Screen Protector.

The latest version for the iPhone 5 comes with protection for the front glass screen and the easily scratched rear. Wrapsol also includes edge protectors to round out the protection.

After using and reviewing over more than a half-dozen screen protectors, Wrapsol makes the easiest to install screen protection and solves the bubble problem that plagues many screen protectors.

wrapsol screen protector.jpg

Wrapsol designed their screen protectors to make it easy to apply. Peal off the film that covers the bottom adhesive side which touches the screen. The ULTRA Screen Protector comes with two application handles on the top and bottom edge of the polyurethane protector to make it easy. The included cardboard squeegee helps get rid of most of the air bubbles. Use it to get as many of the bubbles out as possible and then remove the film on the top side of the screen protector. Remove the handles and cutouts for the front camera, ear speaker and the button. Repeat the process on the back side.


Along the edges apply the included protective strips which cover all the edges with space for the buttons, ports and stereo jack. The edge protectors are raised a little and thicker than the screen and back protector. They’ll hopefully keep the phone protected when it gets dropped from a short distance.

Most people will still see a few bubbles on the screen. Just wait for a day and they’ll likely disappear. If they don’t try the squeegee again.

wrapsol ultra iphone 5 screen protector

The Wrapsol ULTRA iPhone 5 Screen protector isn’t noticeable most of the time.

Once applied the protector feels smooth, although not as smooth as the phone screen itself. However, Wrapsol promises it will keep the screen safe from scratches that might occur from putting the phone in a pocket with keys or a purse with other sharp objects. It also eliminates the problem of the easily scratched back and edges without the need of a case.

wrapsol screen protector with phone on

With the phone on you can’t see the few ripples that I couldn’t remove.

Wrapsol’s protector isn’t perfect.  Even with great care, the front screen protector shows some ripples. The ripples aren’t visible while the display is on, but show up when it goes dark. It’s not major problem.

The video below shows how to apply the protector. It shows an iPhone 4, but the process works the same with the iPhone 5.

The Wrapsol iPhone 5 Ultra Screen Protector is $29.99, and will likely pay for itself by keeping the screen in pristine condition for users that plan to sell the iPhone 5 in a year. The Wrapsol iPhone 5 Ultra Screen Protector is worth buying because of the easy application and the protection it provides without adding bulk or getting in the way of using the iPhone 5.



  1. Nikos

    11/03/2012 at 4:48 pm

    I will respectfully disagree with the author. $30 + tax for a piece of plastic that should cost just a few cents is hardly a product to reccomend to consumers. Any other screen protector will do an equally good job protecting your phone. There are several on the internet for $3-$5, including shipping.

  2. dstrauss

    11/03/2012 at 7:48 pm

    I will respectfully disagree with Nikos. The Wrapsol is absolutely the best screen/body protector for the iPhone. I’ve used it ever since the 3Gs, and they have stayed pristine with no additional casing. Also, check out the video on their site where they slide an iPhone all the way across a warehouse concrete floor without a scratch. No $3-5 solution can do that – and none without a screen full of bubbles.

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