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WSJ Live Brings Wall Street to Life with Video News on the iPad



If you count on the Wall Street Journal to bring you the top news in a timely manner, but find that you don’t always have time to read it cover to cover — you need to check out the free WSJ Live app for the iPad.

This new video venture from the Journal brings first hand accounts from reporters across the globe to your iPad with free on demand video.

I really like the ability to prop the iPad up next to my computer at the coffee shop, in my office or even before I get out of bed to get the Wall Street Journal news read to me while I get other things done.

WSJ Live sheds light on important news anywhere you are.

The app lets you stream video of reporters bringing you the most important news of the moment. The video is quick to load and looks great as long as you have a decent connection.

WSJ Live app

WSJ Live app

The on camera personalities aren’t polished news anchors, but the actual reporters, which leads to a hit or miss on-screen performance. Sometimes you’ll feel like the reporter is reading you the news over a teleprompter, but much of the time you’ll feel like you bumped into him or her at a local bar or cafe and got the news right on their way to filing it.

There are also interviews, news programs and the ability to choose your videos by category. My personal favorites are Tech, Opinion and Most Popular.

WSJ Live app

WSJ Live app Story Selection

There are daily programs, designed to give your morning news, lunch break programing and others, in addition to the story by story pieces.

In addition to the free app download, the content itself is free, which means this is another great source of top-notch news, without a subscription.

The only real downside I’ve found is that there is no way to share the video with your friends wither on social networks or by email. This type of share functionality would also help you save interesting stories to go back to later.

You can find WSJ Live on the iTunes App Store.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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