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Apple WWDC Keynote Set: Get Ready for iOS 7



Apple will kick off WWDC 2013 with a keynote event on June 10th where the company leaders will show off new versions of iOS and and OS X to developers and to an eager user-base. This will very likely be when the company shows off revamped iOS 7 software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Apple announced the annual developers conference earlier this year, and today AllThingsD reprots that the Keynote address will take place on June 10th, marking the start of the conference.

When Apple announced WWDC 2013 Apple senior vice president of Marketing Phil Schiller teased,

“We can’t wait to get new versions of iOS and OS X into their hands at WWDC.”

Apple plans a WWDC 2013 Keynote for June 10th where we expect to see iOS 7 and new OS X software.

Apple plans a WWDC 2013 Keynote for June 10th where we expect to see iOS 7 and new OS X software.

This is typical for a WWDC event, but this is the first time Apple commented about the plans for WWDC 2013 since the announcement in late April.

Apple has yet discussed iOS 7 publicly, though many reports indicate Apple is working on a new look for the next version of iOS. Apple typically debuts a new full version number at WWDC and we expect to see iOS 7 appear at the WWDC 2013 keynote.

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Jonny Ive is reportedly leading a complete revamp of the user interface and may delver a flatter looking version of IOS with new looks for popular apps and the overall design. We are also hearing about better in car integration with iOS 7 and possibly new camera features to help compete with the Galaxy S4. The concept below shows one artist’s take on how Apple could change Safari in iOS 7.

One popular service is already offering early access to the iOS 7 beta for $8. This company registers a user’s iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a developer device so that an average user who is not in attendance or an Apple developer can try iOS 7 long before the official release date.

Apple typically releases a beta of the new version of iOS soon after the Keynote ends. The IOS 6 beta arrived within a few hours of the end of the WWDC keynote. It’s very likely that Apple will push out a developer iOS 7 beta on June 10th.

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In addition to showing off new iOS features, this would be where Apple announces any changes to the devices that support the new version of iOS. In 2012 the company dropped support for the iPad 1 with the iOS 6 update. The iPad 2 may see a longer life as it is very similar to the iPad mini in terms of specs, though Apple may limit features for older hardware. It is very likely the iPhone 3GS will not get an update to iOS 7 based on previous traditions.

If Apple announces iOS 7 we will likely hear of a fall iOS 7 release date, but we don’t expect anything more specific until we are closer to the rumored iPhone 5S release date. Apple likes to push out new major versions of iOS several days before a new iPhone arrives.

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1 Comment

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